Where to Buy


20 responses to “Where to Buy

  1. kathleen bligh

    Do plan to sell your hummus at costco.. i love it!!!!

  2. As far as super chain stores go, for now we sell at Super Target. Do you have one of those in your area?

  3. Hi!
    I s there anyway to buy your product from California? I have a food blog and am trying to find new products to review and try. I live in San Jose and would love to taste your hummus.

    thank you!

  4. I bought your hummus at Kroger in Huntsville, Alabama. I tried one container and was blown away by the taste and consistency. Now, of course, Kroger has stopped carrying it! I’ve been unable to find it. However, I haven’t exhausted all the stores…which I plan to do, until I find it again!

    • Hi There!

      We are a regularly stocked item at Krogers. If you did not see us in the case you can ask the deli manager when he will be getting in his next shipment. Hope this helps!


  5. I purchased your 10-ounce tub of “Hot Enough Hummus?” at Target in Westbury, Long Island, New York and I am loving it! It is so spicy and delicious.

  6. I just bought some at Super Target in Iowa. Best store bought hummus I’ve ever had.

  7. Do you ever plan on bringing it into Manhattan?? I am absolutely in LOVE with your hummus!

  8. Yeah, the Target here in Nebraska only has Galilee and Hot Enough Hummus? as far as I know. I wish more would become available here.

    I’ll say it again, Sonny & Joe’s is the best hummus I’ve had, period. And I have tried many brands before it.

  9. Are you selling your hummus products in South Florida. if so, where, because i’ve had your Garlic Addicts Hummus & it’s the Best!!

  10. Your Galilee hummus is wonderful. I also mixed it with Trader Joe’s Light Sour Cream to stretch it and it was great. Have you thought about Trader Joe’s?

  11. We sell Sonny & Joe’s Brand Hummus at our store here in Manhattan on Beekman street between Front and South sts, located one block from the South Street Seaport. It is a HUGE seller here and we are big fans of the product. If ever in the area, or live near by, we are a great place to pick up some delicious hummus as well as many different kinds of crackers, chips, breads… We carry all local products whether it be Extra Virgin Olive Oil or body products and so much more!

  12. Any stores in the Raleigh NC area? I bought it at Five Islands Farm in Georgetown, Maine, and it is really good!

  13. Hi Do you sell larger containers of your hummus (i.e. wholesale)? We love your hummus!

  14. I just wanted to let all of you New Yorkers know that I went to Provisions, a specialty shop that sells local products, and I bought this hummus. We all ate it in one sitting. Its the best!!! If anyone is in Manhattan, Provisions on Beekman st, right by the Seaport, is the place to get this amazing hummus!

  15. yvonne greenside

    Just wanted to say how much I love your products! I have tried several and they are supurb. I hope you can market the item to a few more food stores, as it has been hard to find regularly in Virginia Beach, VA. Wish you all the best, you have an awesome product!

  16. i tasted some of your hummus spreads and would like to either order or buy 3 of them in time for Thanksgiving dinner.
    i live in zip code 10533 (irvington, new york) please tell me the closest store. Or, can i purchase on line?

  17. I love the Babaganoush…UNREAL.
    Nothing compares…where can we find it in Chicago???

  18. Help! Our local co-op (Harvest – Cambridge, MA) just stopped selling your hummus. Where can we find it in the Boston metro area???

  19. Where can we buy Sonny & Joe’s hummus in the Washington DC area? We discovered it in Sarasota and will walk a marathon to find it.

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