Imported Chickpeas, Sesame, Spices.  AND WOW FACTOR.

If you think of hummus as humble, or that all hummus brands are the same, let us re-educate your palete.

Sonny & Joe’s takes no shortcuts by settling for cheaper local ingrediants.  We literally go to the ends of the earth for meatier Turkish chickpeas, authentic stone-ground Ethiopian sesame,  Chilean garlic,  Galilee olives and spices from the markets of Europe and Aisa.

We also make extraordinary efforts in our kitchens:  more care preparing ingredients, longer cooking time to “marry”  the flavors, a finer blending process to create a smoother texture naturally.  We even make our hummus in microbatches, “to order”, so freshness isn’t lost sitting around for shipment.

The result is noticeable difference, from our beatifully garnished presentation to the rich, yet delicate flavor that melts on your tounge-as perfect hummus should do.  We have a whole range of Hummus varieties waiting to be experienecd-whether on a simple slice of crusty bread or as an imaginative extra in your own culinary creations.

Once you do,  you’ll agree that Sonny & Joe’s is everything a hummus should be-and anything but ho-hum.


4 responses to “Ingredients:

  1. I found the Galilee Hummus in a SuperTarget (of all places!) in Richfield, Minnesota and, whoa..what flavor! This stuff is wonderful and has just the right amount of olives in it. I can actually taste them. Can’t wait to try the other varieties.

  2. I LOVED your hummus until I read the ingredients. Unfortunately I will not be purchasing it again since I discovered that you use Canola oil, which is highly processed and chemically treated, and NOT HEALTHY (no matter what the industry says; do some research). If you would switch to extra virgin olive oil you’d have me back as a customer in a heartbeat, even if I had to pay more (I know Canola is a lot cheaper). Your yummy products merit the incremental cost; I could easily get hooked on “Garlic Addiction

  3. Melanie Contreras

    I have never in my life tasted such incredible hummus. This goes beyond satisfying the palate. It is actually nothing short of an epicurean experience. Sonny and Joe’s certainly has done their homework.

  4. Fantastic hummus. I bought the garlic version. It’s beyond creamy and totally addictive.

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