Our Line of 10 oz Spreads

Our line of 10 oz Spreads includes:



Hot Enough Hummus?

Just Hummus

Garlic Addiciton

Hummus Galilee

Hummus Toasted Sesame

Hummus Pinoli Nutshummusstack4


7 responses to “Our Line of 10 oz Spreads

  1. I love Sonny & Joe’s Hummus! Super Delicious!!!

  2. Tried this Hummus on tour, where can I pick it up in San Diego, CA??? Best hummus EVER!!!

  3. Coming to Florida? =]

  4. Yum yum, Galilee!

    I’ll add it in again, we need more varieties here in Nebraska, please. I’m suffering here!

  5. it’s atraditional dish in our country .since i came here this is the best hummus i ever tasted .and i am wondering if you offer any coupons because i buy alot every week.

  6. I recently went to Target in the Otsego, Minnesota area and they no longer carry your hot pepper hummus. It wasn’t the same name as your Hot Enough hummus…but I can’t remember what it was. Is the Hot Enough hummus a replacement or will the other bee available again? They don’t carry the Hot Enough Hummus and I want to request that they do if it is comparable to the other one which I loved.
    Can you give me some direction?

  7. I am repeating what everyone else is saying but your hummus is AMAZING! My husband and I go through about 3 or 4 containers a week. The Garlic Addiction is just that: addicting and the Buffalo hummus is my favorite. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not stop carrying at Target!

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