5 responses to “Hummus

  1. about 100 times better than sabra.

    awesome hummus.

  2. HOLY HUMMUS!!! This stuff looks amazing!!! My Kroger doesn’t sell this stuff :(…..I need some of this ASAP!!!


  3. Gina Fioravanti

    I tried this for first time from Target in PA and I LOVE IT ! One small problem, now my Target is only carrying SABRA and no more Sonny and Joe’s. Please FIX this problem. I love your hummus ! It is SO much better than Sabra.

    The Target store is in Glen Mills, PA.
    Please get them back on your vendor list.
    Gina F.

  4. Our Target in Monticello, MN quit carrying Hot Enough Hummus but they still carry a few of the others. Where else can I pick up that flavor – I gotta have my HOT!!

  5. M-MM-M-M-M-mmmmmm BOY, WOW ! ! ! ! ! !
    Just the Best Ever I’ve tasted….. How Lucky we are that it found its way to the Tip O’ Th’ Mitt Michigan. Got some from the “Gucci” Glens (our nickname for the fancy “Marketplace Glens”) in Petoskey & we’ll be back for more. Too bad it’s not available in 32 oz. Tub; the small tubs evaporate in a mighty short time in our house.

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