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24 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Ellen Barrett

    How come I cannot find your pickles at Stew Leonards in Danbury any more. they really are much better than Stew’s own brand.

    • sonnyandjoes

      Hi Ellen,

      Thanks for getting in touch with us.

      I found out that our pickles were a seasonal item at Stew Leonards last summer. Nothing helps to get our product back in the store then a customer requesting it from the deli manager!


  2. Hi!
    I was wondering if you guys would like to donate your products for my blog and a giveaway. My blog is dedicated towards fitness, healthy living, and nutritional food information for my readers. i would love to try your products and post reviews on my blog. Thank you!

    -Junghwa Chung

  3. Karen Wehrfritz

    I bought your olive hummus at Target and loved it. I was reading the ingredients and it appears that the container i have has the wrong label. It is for an eggplant product. Just thought I would make you aware if you aren’t already. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for bringing this mistake to my attention. I will certainly make sure this is corrected tomorrow.

      I’m glad you loved the hummus. The olive hummus is one of my favorites 🙂

  4. healthyfitmama

    I just recently became a fan of hummus. I love trying new kinds. I haven’t seen yours anywhere. Is there somewhere in Colorado I can get it? I’d love to try it out for my blog.

  5. Elissa,

    Thank you so much for the samples! Here’s a link to my review:

    Everything was soo tasty!

  6. I sent a somewhat confusing email to Howie, I guess. I obviously stumbled upon the wrong website “” from a Google search. I didn’t think to just type it in… oh well, found it now, and happy I did.

  7. We had a dinner party last week and a friend who makes great hummus offered to bring some. She brought yours instead and I have to say it is the best hummus I have ever had. She chose the Galilee, fabulous! I have already purchased my own and can’t wait to share with other friends. Creamy, yummy, healthy and priced right! Thanks for making such a devine product. I am anxious to try other flavors.

  8. I picked up some of your “Buffalo Hummus” spread with hot sauce from Harvest Co-op in Cambridge, MA and I am NEVER looking back. I swore off such decadent hummus but you unlocked the key to my heart/stomach. Thank you for being so creative with your spreads!

  9. I tried your garlic addiction hummus last week and just went back to Target today for 2 more tubs. I can’t get enough of it! The extra garlic on top is the BEST! I hope to see your brand in more local grocery stores soon but til then I am glad to be able to get it at Target.

  10. I would love to try your hummus–my husband says its fantastic–but need to know whether it is gluten-free. Could you please let me know which, if any, of your hummus products are gluten-free?


  11. I have been looking for a good store bought hummus for awhile and just tried the “Just Hummus” here in St. Louis. It is great! The best that I have had, perfect!

  12. I just found your Hummus at Target in Monticello, Mn. I am in love with it!! So far I’ve tried…Hot Enough(yes it was), Galilee (perfect amount of olives), and Garlic Addiction(I think that’s my favorite). Now I have found your website and the recipes. So ready to cook! When will we see your pickles in MN. Half sours are the best and If they are anything like your Hummus my Grandmother will not be happy. She is very proud of hers, they won the county fair. Sonny and Joes!! Thank you!

  13. Where can I buy Sonny & Joe’s Babaganoush eggplant spread‏ in Rockville or Bethesda or Potomac, Maryland?

  14. Gina Fioravanti

    Please get your hummus back in the Target store in Glen Mills, PA or Wilmington, DE.
    They used to carry it but now they switched to a grocery section and only carry Sabra. I need my Hummus Galilee fix !
    Thanks !
    Gina F.

  15. Your Garlic Addiction Hummus is the best thing I’ve ever tasted in my life! You weren’t kidding…I am super addicted to it!

  16. I found your hummus at Super Target and it’s simply the best I’ve ever had! I pair it up with whole wheat crackers and consider it a guilt-free snack. I tried “Just Hummus” and now that I’ve found your website I see there are more flavors to try. I love the simplicity of your packaging, flavor names, and the fact that the product was so good that I’m actually emailing you!

  17. Where can I buy Sonny & Joe’s hummus in Littleton Colorado, a suburb of Denver?

  18. I have recently had to go on a gluten-free diet. I love your hummus, but want to make sure your product line is gluten-free.

  19. I love your stuff, especially the Garlic Addiction!!

    In Nutrition Facts, you have a serving as an ounce. For those of us with scales-challenged kitchens, what’s an ounce? 1/8 teaspoon? 2 cups? or? TIA

  20. It would be great if you guys labeled which of your products are gluten free. I am actually allergic to wheat and seasamee so I am always looking for gluten free products because they are easy for me. I just tried your babaganoush because it was the only one in the grocery store that didn’t have sesamee in it. It’s great! Thanks.

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